Change Starts With You

In this episode of Do the Work, getting comfortable in your relationship can happen over time causing a breakdown in communication. Finding a place for honesty with your partner even if it brings conflict will eventually cause growth. Focusing on what your spouse needs to change to make it work isn’t your concern. Look within yourself and ask the tough questions to begin the change in you, which can lead your partner down the same path.

12 Steps of Empowerment

In this episode of Do the Work, when a married couple that catches Carla’s eye while shopping, reminds her of how far she has come in her relationship with AZ, the couple were taken back to a time when Carla was not empowered. As she readies for her event coming up next month, AZ encourages all women to take that step to propel their lives forward. Carla being all in, every day, is what pushes AZ in all areas of his life to keep moving upward. Don’t wait for your spouse’s approval or permission to be who you want to be; it only leads to eventual destruction of your relationship. Men when your wife gets empowered, you better step up because she will rise with or without you.

The No-Sex Zone

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla are in the studio and discussing sexless marriages. Has the passion with your partner gone to the wind? The couple had their share of ugly times and would only connect intimately if they were drinking. Making your spouse feel sorry for you, using guilt or even using sex as a tool of leverage, are all signs of trouble. You need to be able to change for things to change; it isn’t easy but necessary. Stop trying to fix your marriage or end your marriage; realize that there is something within yourself that needs fixing. Mediocrity in marriage, your body, and your business are not okay; you need to level up in every area of your life.

WTF..Trust Me!

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ is in the studio solo to talk to his boys about Carla and her upcoming Women’s Only Event. If you want your woman to start showing up powerfully, quit trying to make her happy. It is your job to be the best you to show up in your marriage and business. It is her job to make herself happy, be empowered and find her voice. This conference is for every woman, and it will improve your relationship. Life is powerful when there are no limits on the parameters of what you can accomplish as individuals and bring into the relationship.


In this episode of Do The Work, Az and Carla have discovered their growth not just as individuals but as parents. Changing the patterns that you blame on others for your finances, your health, and your business is crucial to your success as a person and a parent. Giving your kids the tools to identify what will trigger them and give them the permission and the tools to overcome it. Whether you are going for something big, it’s what we decide to go through at that moment, and asking yourself the right questions will propel you where you are destined to be. Passing your growth onto the next generation is your responsibility.; take control of your thoughts and own them.

The Chronicles of a Neverending Story

In this episode of Do the Work, Az, and Carla the couple share with their listeners about the ups and downs of being in business with your spouse. Roles at home don’t necessarily carry over into the workplace, and vice versa. Setting firm boundaries and clear guidelines won’t make things perfect but will push you forward towards success. Treat your spouse like an equal to give them the confidence to show up like a boss. You will never have a more loyal and honest person to have your back.

Why So Blue, Boo?

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss how when your spouse feels down, you should also. Or should you? Trying to entice your partner into an argument when you are not up to par, is just a form of sabotage. Recognizing that your spouse is being triggered by something and stepping back is a form of growth. When you do this you will be able to connect in your marriage at a deeper level.

The Game of Entitlement

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss how entitlement in your relationship can lead to conflict; Spending your time trying to figure out what may be bothering your spouse, when all they need is space is a slippery slope. Give your partner that space to figure out what is triggering them, instead of mirroring their anger. When you step back, the real trigger will disappear and so will the target on your head.

School Days

In this episode of Do the Work, Carla addresses how parenting is hard and judgemental; People are always shaming other parents. The pressure of the perfect first-day social media post, kids perfectly dressed standing in front of a chalkboard announcing the excitement of the day. The reality; juggling the house, job, school shopping, doctors appointments, figuring out the scheduling challenges; the hustle of getting ready for school.

Stop Paying the Toll to the Troll

In this episode of Do The Work, AZ and Carla are in the studio discussing Trolling. A recent run-in with an internet troll has given Carla the ability to exercise her power and show that you shouldn’t mess with a strong woman. If you are obsessed with bringing others down, expending all of your energy on negativity, you risk running into that individual who will stop you in your tracks. Focus your time and effort on fixing your insecurities and issues, and keep your fucking opinions to yourself. Don’t give others the satisfaction of drawing you down to their level. Stop suppressing, delaying and looking for acceptance. Steamroll that shit and move forward.

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