Carla Araujo

In this episode of Do the Work, Carla is in the studio alone using those pipes God gave her to share her story about all the Reps in her life that she has done to get to where she is. Carla chose to be all in and if you want to be all in you need to be all in. She has suffered through failed businesses and failing marriage, and she shared it all and by doing that removed all the fear. Don’t let people live your happiness for you.


In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla tackle the topic of Agendas. They are on everybody’s mind. A compliment, an email, a text message rarely comes without an agenda attached to it. Whether it’s yours or someone else’s, your time is the most valuable asset. You need to learn to manage others people’s agendas, so those meeting that isn’t a priority won’t manipulate your time. This is the difference between people who get things done and those that don’t. Stop pleasing other people and please yourself.

I’m Going to Make You Feel Like You Just Made Me Feel

In this episode of Do the Work, Carla uses an incident that happened while she was out shopping with her daughters, as a lesson in taking a stand for yourself. Standing in your power and knowing what you believe in takes courage. It’s important to realize that your behavior impacts people. Carla leveled the playing field, and let them know they fucked with the wrong person. Take back your power frame and Do the Work!

Hustle and Flow (Men Beware)

In this episode of Do the Work, the couple discusses how “Flow” is in the house and Carla is working over her capacity. Finding a way to control the side effects of the monthly drain that is “Flow,” Carla has learned to harness that energy for good instead of evil. Men don’t understand how it feels to be kicked in the balls for 2 weeks straight, but women take “Flow” on, toe to toe. Take that time ladies and turn it into a positive use of raw energy, and unbridled aggression. Embrace it and let loose.

Stressing the Small Stuff

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss how their morning started off rough because Carla was ranting. Misdirecting your anger at someone who wasn’t your trigger, is a hazard of housing negative energy. By stepping back and assessing the root of the problem, you can reach a solution on your own, and have a productive outcome.

The Blame Game

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss how placing the blame when things go wrong in your life, is a weak excuse for failure. Empower yourself with the experiences you have had, to make your decisions with thoughtful purpose. Stop blaming others for where your unhappiness lies, and grab ahold of your backbone and own your own shit.

Quit Holding Your Man Back

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss how disempowering your man, doesn’t just mean taking his balls and putting them in your purse. It starts with not being supportive of his efforts, while he is trying to lead his home. Men are task focused and women can do it all, but if they make it a team effort the couple can enjoy the have it all lifestyle together.

Your Eyes Will See, Your Ears Will Hear

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss insecurity, resistance, and empowerment. How you view yourself should be your focus and the voices of your naysayers the fuel that fires you forward. Don’t get caught in the comparison game. Do the Work and the reps, to live the have it all lifestyle.

Mama Issues

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss how society always talks about women with Daddy issues, but what about men with Mama issues? If your man treats you like you’re his Mama and not his wife, then ladies you need to ask yourself some tough questions that Carla has for you in this episode.

Don’t Weaken Yourself to Make Others Feel Stronger

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss the people who trigger us by saying things we already know. Coming down to a level to make others comfortable isn’t where you need to be. It’s time to have some crucial conversations and take that one step closer to owning who you are.

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