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Posted by AZ Araujo on Friday, March 30, 2018

Put Me in Coach


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In This Week’s Podcast…Put Me in Coach

In this episode of Do the Work with AZ and Carla, the couple is joined in the studio by Coach Isaiah. The trio discusses how people tend to want what success brings, without doing the footwork. Also, the importance of finding the right Coach will make or break your game. Don’t be left on the sidelines, tune in now.

Topic #1

No More Selfies

  • AZ begins this episode sharing how when we compare ourselves to others, we look at people and their end results, not what it took to get there. Self-discovery happens when you share your story. AZ is not ashamed of his past because he knows he is a very different person today.
  • The foundation for this podcast started with AZ recording over 500 selfie videos on his phone. He didn’t need a studio and amazing equipment to begin sharing his story. Carla would get mad at him for constantly recording his videos. She had a lot of anxiety about not always looking perfect. Once she let that go and was her genuine self, it was very freeing. AZ warned her that when you show people who you really are, be prepared for them to “question” why you are not being the you they know. She stopped focusing on people who were judging her for doing the selfie videos.
  • People over complicate a task by not knowing how many steps it took to get to the end result. Starting small with just a class of 6 people gave AZ the confidence of someone speaking to a 100. He learned to speak with passion and authority.


“You don’t get results without first putting in the work.”- AZ

Topic #2   

No Shortcuts and Speaking Up

  • Having your own voice is important. Fearing she may offend someone, AZ would try to silence Carla from speaking her mind. It wasn’t until she took a stand and let herself be heard that AZ showed her respect for her opinions publicly. It’s important to take a stand for yourself now, and have your own voice.
  • The success of Do The Work did not happen overnight, Isaiah adds. The program is very black and white, you’re in or you’re out. In his own business and relationships, he knew what needed to be done, but kept looking for a better solution. Instead of putting in the work, he was looking for someone to tell him what he wanted to hear. AZ agrees that it’s the simple things, done over time, years even, that bring success.
“By investing in my marriage I am now able to collide, to have those crucial conversations. It isn’t always easy, but it’s beneficial.”- Isaiah


Topic #3

CO-ach Dependency

  • AZ encourages the listeners to stop swinging for the fences and start small. There is no easy way from point A to B without the 1,000 steps it will take in between. Carla shares how some people move from Coach to Coach, blaming the Coach for their failures; just going through the motions and not doing the work. Being accountable does not mean continually making a person do something they don’t want to do. AZ adds that him continually reminding you of the things you want, is accountability.
  • Having a Coach is to give you the courage and confidence to do things on your own, not to become dependent on the Coach to tell you what to do. It is important to look for Coaches that will empower you, not make you reliant on them for success. Isaiah adds that he now knows what he wants so he understands what the implied tasks are. In the beginning, Carla states, a Coach will draw a map for you, but as you grow you need to gain perspective and look beyond the limits of the map. Isaiah agrees by saying that awareness precedes change, and change precedes expansion.
  • When looking for a Coach realize that they don’t have it all together. AZ and Carla had to first fix their marriage before their business worked. They had to empower their marriage before they saw profits in their business. Isaiah adds that you can have the skillset, but until you have the mindset you won’t succeed. AZ agrees by sharing that you need to find a Coach that is living the lifestyle you want. Carla needs a Coach that has 10x’s more than she has, so she can strive forward. A good Coach will show you that they can do all things, so you can follow them.
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“In the beginning, my mind was focused on just the plan I was given, but I wouldn’t go beyond. That’s not how coaching works.”- Carla

Closing Thoughts

  • AZ talks about how Carla is busy creating space in their business so she can focus her talents elsewhere. When she is overwhelmed by tasks that others can accomplish for her, her time with the family suffers. Isaiah notes that Carla thrives on bringing order to the chaos around her. Growing the brokerage and changing lives has been the result of using the concepts from building their business and transferring those skills to the Do The Work movement.

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