A Journey of A Million Steps


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In This Week’s Podcast…A Journey of A Million Steps

In this episode of Do the Work with AZ and Carla, the couple share how working through an enormous business loss taught them a lot about who they were as individuals and the roles that ensued. People may want what they have but they don’t realize the trials, tribulations and sacrifice it took to reach their level of success. It’s only fun and games until someone gets their ass tattooed.

Topic #1

You Can’t Get from A-Z Without Being AZ

  • AZ begins this episode talking with Carla about a new agent at their brokerage. This agent felt after doing everything AZ said to do, he should be seeing the results of the most successful brokers. AZ adds this person is putting in the minimum standard and what he is basically telling AZ is his process is broken because it is not working for him. Just because you do the work doesn’t mean you are going to get the results you want. This person has the mindset of entitlement with very little effort.
  • Carla shares a story of a bike ride they took as a challenge. She was wanting to tap out after first starting and AZ took off like a shot. She wanted to be where he was without having to go as hard as he was. He kept encouraging Carla to keep going and when she reached the top of the big hill, she knew she could finish the ride. There is an excitement at the beginning of something new, wanting to be where people are ahead of us, but we get frustrated and quit before reaching the top. AZ adds, he encouraged her because, as with all things, when you stop you lose momentum. Once you reach the top and know what the pain of the climb is, it becomes easier to keep succeeding. Then it just becomes about sustaining it.

“When we are on the outside looking in it seems easy and obtainable, but we aren’t seeing the years it took to get there.”- AZ

Topic #2   

Check Your Ego at the Door

  • At the beginning of Carla working at the brokerage, she had extreme social anxiety; preferring to work the back end so she wouldn’t have to deal with people. AZ adds she was resisting growth and would shut down. Carla couldn’t see herself successful in the brokerage because she was afraid.
  • AZ touches on how some business training promise results in  3 steps. It is never just 3 steps, maybe 3 levels but with a million steps in between. There is just no way around that.
  • When Carla was overwhelmed with their UPS store because she was doing everything, she told AZ she wanted to shut it down. AZ blew up and threw blame on her for the failure, but it was his ego that got in the way even at the expense of his relationship. He was consumed with the opinions of others and what they would say about the failed business. But it was bleeding them dry and they lost out financially.
“You’re never getting that back, let it go, go make more money. I just wanted AZ to own up to it, stop blaming me and move the fuck on.”-Carla

Topic #3

Gun Shy

  • Walking away from something you have put your heart into is always hard. The lawsuits over leases and equipment were nothing compared to the hurtful words he said to his wife. He his a better businessman because of it. The first step was to just let go of his nonfunctional business. He was so consumed with posturing himself, trying to impress others, it kept AZ from moving on. Becoming gun shy about making mistakes he lost his confidence because of things not working out. Carla was pushing him to make decisions. And trying to help him realize that they were not just his failures, but theirs. Carla had to take charge and move them forward which gave her power. When he wanted it back it created issues, because she wasn’t willing to do that.
  • AZ asks the listeners if they are man enough for their women. Carla didn’t care what he lost all she cared about was that he kept going. Even though it empowered her, she hated that he had his tail between his legs. Everything that happened, that they went through, made them into who they are today.
“ I don’t have it all figured out, but I know I will.”- AZ

Closing Thoughts

  • AZ closes with telling their listeners when you learn to solve your own problems, you get paid. When God gives you the strength and opportunity to move on you feel like you have favor, because of the confidence. Don’t let the problem be bigger than you.

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