When Anxiety Empowers


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In This Week’s Podcast… When Anxiety Empowers

In this episode of Do the Work with AZ and Carla, the couple spends some time discussing and sharing the experiences they had when anxiety and depression were at its height for Carla. Making sure you are not looking back or ahead but right where you are is the first step. Be anxious for nothing the good book says, and so does the voice that rules her now.

Topic #1

A 6’2” Bearded Scary Guy

  • AZ begins this episode sharing how he volunteered to take their daughter Abigail to the dentist. Carla recalls a time when she would never ask or consider AZ to do something like that. Carla and the kids would always tip-toe around AZ because he had a quick temper. AZ agreed but said he wasn’t that bad. He asked his daughter to join him for that day’s podcast.
  • With technical difficulties and frustrations on the rise, Abigail became uncomfortable and scared so she went to talk to her mom, Carla. Carla calmed her down, but Abigail made the statement that she doesn’t think her Dad knows that he is 6’2” with a beard and scary. Carla explained that she was just scared and she misunderstood his frustration and anger. Abigail rejoined AZ in the studio.
  • It was a great experience in the studio with his daughter at his side, live, in front of 130 agents. The couple has constantly reinforced the idea of stepping back and seeing the bigger picture.
“I was never taught how to speak in front of people as a kid or be intellectually challenged like Abigail had the opportunity to experience that day.”- AZ

Topic #2   

A Case of Sabotage

  • AZ introduces the subject of Anxiety. Carla has experienced and overcomes it because she approaches it differently now. She used to purposely sabotage events so that a fight with AZ would ensue and she wouldn’t have to go. It wasn’t until AZ called her dysfunctional that she reached her breaking point. She was always ok with just being AZ’s wife and wanted to stay in the background. She realized he was right, she was dysfunctional and it took her 2 years to realize it.
  • Carla could have remained in it, but she moves out from it. Carla has her relationship with Jesus and could never understand why she was going through it. Someone shared with her that the voice she was listening to was a demon and to gain control she would have to tell it to leave. Tell the Carla she didn’t like to leave. The voice that speaks to her now, tells her to be her honest self and tell the truth. She no longer seeks that approval of others that gives her anxiety.
“Every morning I look in the mirror and tell myself I am a badass, beautiful, and I have the power to do whatever I want, to be whoever I want.”-Carla

Topic #3

Plug into the Power

  • AZ reminds the listeners they should only seek approval from one source, the only source.Carla was a prisoner in her own body and allowed everyone around her to enable her, whether they knew it or not. She no longer hides, she is just herself. Carla had suicidal thoughts at times because of the depression, but it always came back to her realizing what the repercussions would be for her family.
  • Anxiety effects lives, brings fear into your relationship, your business. Working on yourself never ends, it is constant. Everyone has doubts and you just have to know you have the power and you will figure it out. You have to change the thoughts and viewpoints of who you are.
“ What used to debilitate Carla now is a source of power for her, to take on new challenges.”-AZ

Closing Thoughts

  • Carla hates that she lost so many years, but she realizes she had to go through it to be who she is today. Not doing anything is the worst; free yourself from it.

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