Are You Your Brand


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In This Week’s Podcast…Are You Your Brand

In this episode of Do the Work, Carla is fresh from a Justin Timberlake concert and hyped up on coffee and adrenaline. Her nature has always been to be loud, but AZ shares how at certain points in her life, her loudness became something she was branded as, not as what makes her the unique person she is.

Topic #1

There is No Shyness in Sales

  • Where is your mind at? Growing up but still holding on to certain behaviors that don’t change will stifle your growth. Everyone is a salesperson, even if it’s just selling yourself every day. What are people thinking of what you are selling?
  • Carla has always been loud and straightforward. She quieted herself though as a teen because people would think she was too loud. She felt shut down. She began to accept what people branded her as.
  • With so many Salespeople suffering from shyness, it is a common coaching problem for AZ and Carla. Even a firm handshake that is so important is a huge task for some. Your handshake needs to be strong, firm and direct. A good handshake shows confidence and certainty.
“We are branded with labels at a very young age, and we believe them.”-AZ “No one has told you that you’re a fucking badass and you are capable of having it all.” – Carla

Topic #2   

Look Them in the Eye

  • With their children, AZ and Carla have always had them order for themselves in restaurants. Teaching them to look people in the eye and speak up. It was important to them to condition their children on how to communicate and to do it well.
  • When parents allow children to be shy they raise adults who are not confident and are intimidated easily. We are conditioned to cater too, tiptoe around and put others first. Carla is outgoing now because she broke that label. If you don’t own who you are, your business will not grow; it’s a conditioning process. As a result of their conditioning, the couple is loud and fulfilled and purpose driven.
“It used to be all about the money. But money didn’t give me a false certainty and power. I am powerful to the core because I am who I am.”- AZ

Topic #3

The Chosen 6

  • Carla has decided to coach 6 specific women for 12 weeks. She will be focusing on women who are tired of their Big Daddy, who is controlled, who lack confidence. If interested, visit and fill out an application to be considered.  Carla will coach these 6 women in business, personal growth, health and being raw and real. She will be calling them on all of their bullshit. What is holding you back? Your childhood, your spouse, past hurts?
  • As their brokerages were growing, Carla felt she had no identity. It wasn’t AZ’s job to promote her. Az learned to own himself and lead by example. He told Carla to do something about being heard; she needed to find her identity. Carla has now demanded authority in her position, and now people come to her for answers. Perspective makes you powerful. Carla is making it her personal agenda to ensure the 6 woman she coaches have a breakthrough. Because she has been there. When powerful women speak out, it’s a game changer.
“Don’t blame your spouse on your inferiority of you being a wife and mom. If you have lost your identity, you can’t blame your spouse for allowing it to happen.”- Carla

Closing Thoughts

  • If your spouse is fighting you every step, stop worrying about them. You just be a better you, stop being so dependent. Labels of what a wife is, what a husband is, of what they are supposed to be when it is all about self-sacrifice.
  • June 6th will be the beginning for 6 women to be coached by Carla. She isn’t talking a big game, these women will feel it, see it, hear it. No sugar coating.
  • AZ shares with the listeners that the future holds coaching opportunities for just men, and also for real estate professionals.


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