Your Eyes Will See, Your Ears Will Hear


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In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss insecurity, resistance and empowerment. How you view yourself should be your focus and the voices of your naysayers the fuel that fires you forward. Don’t get caught in the comparison game. Do the Work and the reps, to live the have it all lifestyle.

Topic #1

The Lies of Insecurity

  • AZ opens up the episode talking about Carla’s hat and the fact that she just did a live video before this podcast. He encourages the listeners to go to and follow the link to hear her powerful message. Carla has written on the board in the studio and wants to talk about “Your ears will hear what you want them to hear and your eyes will see what you want them to see based on how you feel about yourself.” AZ adds that it goes along with perspective.
  • Carla wrote that from a place of insecurity. She is a professional bodybuilder, but this is how she showed up in her business and her shows. Insecure. She never had a chance in the shows because of it. Going in to see her coach he would evaluate her spots that needed work. Carla heard that as she looked like shit. AZ would say she needed to do this and this at work and all she heard was, AZ thought she was stupid, because of her insecurity.
  • Carla got her training certificate so that she could be a certified trainer. Despite that credential, a man commented on social media that he wondered why she thought she was qualified as a trainer, just because she was a bodybuilder. She won’t be triggered by his remarks, his posts. She is more concerned that women who read that may feed into their insecurities. AZ says that you will always have resistance when you’re trying to find your purpose and your power.

“Resistance will come to you in comments, challenges in your business and people who will purposely sabotage your business ”- AZ

Topic #2   

1,000 Steps and an Empty Rifle

  • AZ says the couple faces it a lot. Those individuals who praise them to the skies for the help they give them and when they fail they crucify them with those same words. Carla states that if she is offending you, you need to figure out what you have going on. She adds that it happens in their real estate business. They come to the door with a rifle and no ammo. When they leave they have a full rifle and start shooting at them. What the fuck? When people used to leave it would hurt, but now it’s fuel to them. It doesn’t bother them anymore. Would prefer they stay, but if they go, that’s okay! It pushes the couple to another level.
  • Carla says that the part of the sentence that says,” Eyes will see what you want them to see,” reminded her of when they were first building the business. She was watching everyone else. We saw what we wanted to see because we were so insecure. We needed to focus on what was in front of us, not in comparison. AZ warns that you will be disappointed if you are looking for A,B,C, formula for business, finances or coaching. AZ doesn’t know the 3 steps to being successful. He doesn’t know the shortcut or a cheat. He has a process that works. Steps that take reps. Being consistent in the reps will bring you success. It took 1.000 steps to save their marriage but here they are. Made their business profitable through 1,000 steps of consistency. Just do you by tapping into a source of power every day.

“The purpose of failing is learning and getting back up. You know what you need to do, you need to get up. Keep doing the work, stop being the victim. ”-Carla

Topic #3

Reaching Capacity

  • Carla states that they have failed multiple times on a single project. There is no magic pill. You have to do the work. AZ adds that people are always setting this huge bar and become disappointed when they don’t hit it. Build the process, the systems, the capacity to make it to the target. You have the ability but not the capacity. When you create a business, your strategy will change a million times because of the different people and circumstances that come through your life.
  • AZ shares how he went to South Mountain in Phoenix this morning, cycling. He has been on a mission to break a 25-minute barrier. To motivate himself he looks for targets in front of him. He would spot an individual ahead of him and once he passed him he focused on the next. It was hot, the sun was bright. AZ wears black sleeves that cover his arms and protects him from sun damage. One rider he kept focusing on he would catch up to, but not pass. Almost done with his ride he finally passes the guy and then he quickly passed AZ. When AZ passed him again on a turn, the guy looked at him and said aren’t you hot with all of that stuff on? AZ couldn’t believe that he said that. He was just wearing a tank top and was sunburned and had a suspicious mole on his back. AZ felt like he should explain the sleeves had SPF, but then just wanted to tell him to fuck off. Instead, he created space by whooping his ass on the Mountain.
  • When someone questions you, in a passive or aggressive manner they are trying to get in your head. Instead, it fueled AZ to better his time and his performance. Carla adds that they tend to overthink the comments people give. Awhile back she posted a picture of herself in a dress and someone commented that she looked beautiful. This was the same person who said something negative about an earlier picture Carla posted of herself in a bikini. She thought maybe she forced this person to look at themselves and then they said something nice. Carla realized it is the way that she responds to these people. She knows how hard she has worked to look like she does, so it doesn’t bother her anymore.

“We need those triggers to empower us and fire us up.”-Carla

Closing Thoughts

  • AZ concludes with that it’s how we turn the negativity. You need to own who you are. You must show up, day in and day out to get those reps in. A listener asked AZ what empowers him? Coaching and living the have it all lifestyle the Warrior Way. Resistance is always good 100% of the time. It’s good for you, good for your relationships and power. Embrace it and love it. It can work for you.

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