Hustle and Flow (Men Beware)


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In this episode of Do the Work, the couple discusses how “Flow” is in the house and Carla is working over her capacity. Finding a way to control the side effects of the monthly drain that is “Flow,” Carla has learned to harness that energy for good instead of evil. Men don’t understand how it feels to be kicked in the balls for 2 weeks straight, but women take “Flow” on, toe to toe. Take that time ladies and turn it into a positive use of raw energy, and unbridled aggression. Embrace it and let loose.

Topic #1

When Aunt Flow is in Town

  • The episode opens with Carla stating she is grouchy with AZ. “Flow” is visiting, and men don’t have a clue about it when they get in a relationship. They should just ask their women about it. Carla likens it to a man being kicked in the balls for two weeks straight; they would be moody too. Women need to be able to communicate how they are feeling. For 2 weeks they are going to have good days and bad days.
  • What Carla has learned with the reps over the years, with her “Flow”, is how to manage her side effects. She is on top of her game when “Flow” comes. You’re going up against “Flow”, so you have to get fearless. By her identifying her emotions, she knows ‘Flow” is coming, and she gets aggressive.
  • Carla started journaling during those times, so she could understand what was coming and going. She started to own who she was. She is this person all the time, she realized, but she could suppress it most of the month. When “Flow” is around, she gives herself permission to let loose, to be crazy.

“When “Flow” is here, I just say Fuck It, and let everything out. ”- Carla

Topic #2   

Podcast Therapy

  • Carla feels like AZ thinks she is complaining, AZ feels like she is giving up when she says she is overwhelmed. Carla doesn’t want answers, she is really busy and is just venting and he is trying to make her happy with solutions. He doesn’t want her working until midnight. Working for yourselves it is a reality though, even with all the personnel they have. Carla loves what she does, but sometimes things pile up. AZ is the only one she can vent too.
  • AZ admits that he sees it as she is at her capacity, and then they’re done. She feels that is she doesn’t hire another person she is missing out on the things she wants to do to keep her on top of her game.
  • They need to remember they can’t handle it all. They are moving at a pace where they need to continually hire more people. Carla feels though, she has to vent out before she gets help, where AZ just comes out and says he needs more help. They know they can’t operate at a level they desire when Carla is sitting at a desk at midnight. They need to learn to let go of the little details.

“They are working stuff out on the podcast, If we had tried to do it during their day, it wouldn’t have happened.”-AZ

Topic #3

Getting Shit Done

  • When Carla is draining AZ or the other way around, she reacts differently than he does. He tries to solve her problems. Carla just makes the decision for him and takes care of it. It’s unfortunate, she feels, that her Debbie Downer attitude affected him and he woke up feeling off.
  • This morning they had a conversation and talked it out. If they had no, he would not have been able to be 100% in his zone during his meeting. They would have been drained, would have performed badly and not been there for their kids at the end of the day. Instead, they got up, did their usual separate morning routines, even though they had a crucial conversation the night before.

“We didn’t allow our attitudes and personalities get in the way of what we needed to do, to get shit done.”-AZ

Closing Thoughts

  • The whole,”Flow” thing came up when another woman asked if she had issues with “Flow.” Carla encouraged her to embrace it, and just let loose.
  • AZ encourages small business owners to not hold your partner back, by not communicating and draining them.
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