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In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla tackle the topic of Agendas. They are on everybody’s mind. A compliment, an email, a text message rarely comes without an agenda attached to it. Whether it’s yours or someone else’s, your time is the most valuable asset. You need to learn to manage others people’s agendas, so those meeting that isn’t a priority won’t manipulate your time. This is the difference between people who get things done and those that don’t. Stop pleasing other people and please yourself.

Agendas like A-holes; Everyone’s Got One

  • It’s essential to know in every contact that there’s an agenda. When AZ shows affection or brings flowers, there is an agenda. There are people who compliment you because of their agenda. How can you tell when it’s an agenda? It could be a phone call, an email, there’s an agenda. Mortgage companies, Brokers inviting you to lunch, are very vague. You don’t know what the agenda is and you don’t know how to find out what it’s about. So where do you draw the line?
  • You need to know exactly what you’re getting yourself in too. If your agendas don’t line up, why spend the time on it? If you have similar interest, and it’s mutually beneficial, then you set the meeting. People need to be straightforward, don’t bullshit around it, to get your agenda passed a person. You can’t be afraid to be specific instead of standard for your time. Extra time is your time.

“The more you guard your time, it’s okay to have an agenda, but don’t lie about not having one to begin with.”- Az

 Topic #2   

You Don’t Know Me

  • Cut to the chase and don’t bullshit me about what you want. Be conscious of your agenda and respect a person’s time. You need to ask yourself as you grow a business, what did I do today that was beneficial to my business? You shouldn’t have to be put in a position to be rude, or waste your time when people who feel their agenda is more important than yours. It’s unprofessional and an automatic no, no response.
  • Social media has been a great tool. But don’t get mad and offended if someone hasn’t responded to you. It’s okay to ask the essential questions to filter out those contacts that aren’t forthcoming with their agenda. AZ’s go to answer now is, unfortunately, I am not interested at this time, and I reserve my time for my clients and my agents. He protects his time.
  • Don’t be stressed out or intimidated to tell people the truth, in a professional straightforward way, operating from a place of honesty, and not leading them on with a line of bull shit that drags out the inevitable. Start asking yourself what you want by asking others what they want. If it lines up, then it merits your time. Otherwise, you cause stress on yourself and your relationships.

“That’s why I have a washboard stomach; I don’t put up with anyone’s bullshit. I don’t let other people’s shit become my shit.” –  Carla

Closing Thoughts

  • Stress causes weight gain; every pound you gain is someone else’s. It’s their stress, and it’s their issues. That’s why Carla has a washboard stomach; she doesn’t put up with anyone’s bullshit, doesn’t let other people’s shit become her shit. AZ says her “flow” week stresses him out. He thinks he gains weight by her stressing him.
  • Become more powerful and unapologetic for what you stand for and believe.
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