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In this episode of Do the Work, Carl and AZ discuss how significant changes are coming their way and to this podcast. Although being pumped up for what is happening, they need not get overwhelmed and focus on the small tasks each day. Putting in the reps every day has put them where they are. Looking back at where they were, fuels them forward to be where they want to be.

Topic #1

The Big Picture

  • The couple started, Do the Work years ago, and it stemmed through their Rekindle workshops which helped couples regain order to their lives. They are great together, but they need to step out of each other’s way on certain things, to maintain a level of greatness.
  • The reality is that Carla is going to take over this Podcast, and AZ will be joining her from time to time. There is a lot Carla wants to share and do and some significant changes coming. The Podcast today was stemmed from a phone call that Carla took, that reminded her of how she used to be. Everyone has been full of advice of what she needed to do. Thinking big overwhelms her, what Carla going to do. She just kept putting in her reps, daily. Putting her content out every day, Carla to be Carla, Carla to be seen.
  • We get caught up in thinking of what we should have. Condition yourself to do the small things. Setting up a checklist of what you need to do every day, for your body, your purpose, investing in your family, in your business. Try that for a year constantly working on those four things. As time goes by the vision becomes clear and not overwhelming.
  • The opportunities that come your way are only possible if you position yourself to be able to see those opportunities. But if you freeze by the thought of it’s too big and overwhelming, you won’t move forward.
  • During a coaching call with a client, Carla gave direction on how to divide up her life into smaller areas of concentration. She is stopping herself from growing because she is overwhelmed by the big picture. She needs to take the small task of hiring one employee, and considering the one contract, instead of looking ahead to the bigger picture.

“You can’t ask yourself how to build the whole business, if you can’t handle what is in front of you now.”- Carla

Topic #2   

Aren’t Here to Make Friends

  • You need to reinvest in your business, which includes investing in more employees. If you build and then stop showing up, you will lose everything. You can’t run your business like an employee you need to run it like a boss. Why are you hiring team members? Are they there to help you as a fellow employee or are you going to lead them as a boss? You need to determine if your relationship with your employees is one of friendship or one of leadership and building what you have worked hard to build.
  • How are you supposed to think big and have big goals? You can be that great leader, just don’t become overwhelmed by all of the big things. Even going to seminars and you’re all pumped up, and 2 -3 days later, the reality of what is still there begins to creep back in. It wasn’t until AZ simplified his life, his world changed.
  • Working on those four things every day, even if it wasn’t 100 % but getting up every day and doing something towards your body, and your being. Spending time with your family, and studying ways to increase my business; Once you do that your life will change for the better. There is no way it can’t. Being overwhelmed is counterproductive. Even with your kids who are overwhelmed with sports and school. Encourage them to take it a day at a time. They can have big ambitions, but help them move through each day to get them to that big picture, without driving them to a breakdown.

“Have big ambitions but work at it a piece at a time. Just think and head towards something and the big will come.” – AZ

Topic #3

The Little Things

  • Having the brokerage, and Rekindle and then wanting to start DO THE WORK, AZ began to overwhelm Carla, and she had to slow it down; Just focusing on the daily, small, commitments. Taking care of what you know you should be taking care of what you need to today, a repetition that will drive you towards the bigger picture.
  • Carla remembers focusing on the trophies and the pro card she wanted so badly when she was competing. AZ slowed her down and encouraged her to worry about getting on stage, to just be her. She started doing the reps, everything that it was going to take. Moving towards her goal, without thinking it’s not happening fast enough.
  • Carla gets triggered by calls from clients that remind her of how AZ used to be or how she used to be. It causes her to remember the work it took to get where they are. The couple still collides almost every day, before every podcast. They thought big at the beginning of their marriage, instead of just getting to know each other. One of the things that AZ does is that he texts Carla every day. Carla knows that he is going to do this. Making small deposits into their relationship, their marriage. He could have never imagined the marriage they have today. They didn’t have open communication during their first ten years. It took the reps every day to conquer the small things, to achieve what they had always wanted for their relationship, their life.
  • For so many years, he didn’t give her the affection she needed. Then when he started at first, she thought it was odd, and she was resistant. But after four years of these texts, she appreciates that he never gave up on it. She tries to work on an intimacy issue she has about prolonged hugging. Carla has had to work on that because she regrets not showing that affection to AZ and her girls. Her coach has challenged her not to let go if someone hugs her; Challenging her to stay in it until the other person releases her. It has been hard, but she is working on the small things to get that bigger picture she has of affection for her family.

“I had to stop thinking about what I wanted and move towards how to get what I wanted.”- Carla

Closing Thoughts

  • The couple is not saying to stop thinking big; you need to proclaim what you want. But you need to come back to what is happening today and focus on that and go day by day. Looking back occasionally to see how far you have come.
  • If you are down on yourself right now, things aren’t where you think that should be. You are overwhelmed by the big picture. Look back and see where you were and let that fuel you to move forward. And then when things are good and going your way, pull that big picture out of your back pocket and look at it again.
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