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In this episode of Do the Work, AZ is in the studio solo to talk to his boys about Carla and her upcoming Women’s Only Event. If you want your woman to start showing up powerfully, quit trying to make her happy. It is your job to be the best you to show up in your marriage and business. It is her job to make herself happy, be empowered and find her voice. This conference is for every woman, and it will improve your relationship. Life is powerful when there are no limits on the parameters of what you can accomplish as individuals and bring into the relationship.

Topic #1

AZ May I?

  • Today AZ is talking to the boys about the upcoming Women’s Event. When you have been married awhile, you learn to compromise to avoid conflict. The couple had reached a point where they had too much history and had said and done a lot of things they wish they could take back. A lot of bad memories and resentments. During that time he didn’t realize he was having Carla lose her confidence and become dependant on him. She would continuously ask permission for everything.
  • He was continually doing and saying things that disempowered her which created a lot of resentment within Carla, and it became a sexless marriage for a while. Why would Carla want to give herself to him, when AZ was making her feel small and belittling her. Instead of showing up like a man, he would play games to make her feel bad; even shame her to guilt her into having sex with him. Because as men we feel a sense of entitlement when it comes to intimacy.
  • AZ would override her decisions at work and question everything she was doing. Women are powerful, but he didn’t do his part of empowering her because he was more concerned to tell Carla what she was doing wrong. We do everything we can now to make them happy. The saying goes Happy Wife, happy life; but you can’t make her happy because there is too much damage.

“We do everything we can to make them happy now, but you can’t because there is too much damage.”

Topic #2   

Who’s Fault is it Anyway?

  • AZ wasn’t the only villain here. He may have talked to her a certain way, but she allowed him to speak to her that way, and treat her that way. He had to find the ills in what he was doing wrong in the marriage, and so did she. That’s how they grew their relationship into what it is; they both took responsibility for their part in it. As a man, you need to start showing up powerfully today, and after time let her fall in love with the new you. With you being the villain and her being the victim all the time, it is never going to work.
  • There are consequences when you don’t think there are problems in your relationship and there are. You have no intimacy, and are living like roommates; nothing you can do will make her happy, she needs to level up her own life. It is her job to make herself happy, and your responsibility is to improve yourself. Marriage is not to be co-dependent or inter-dependent; we are supposed to show up as independent and achieve our own goals.
  • This Women’s Event for your wives, girlfriends or significant others, maybe they can mirror back what they are projecting on you. Or perhaps it doesn’t have anything to do with you, and everything to do with them. Carla has shown up powerfully in all areas of their lives because she took AZ out of the equation. She doesn’t holler against men; you have your role in your marriage that you have allowed and let fester. This event is to give a different perspective.
  • If you are one of AZ’s boys listening to this, go to and forward the information to your women. You might hear Carla and think why is she so loud, why is she so angry. It has nothing to do with how you perceive it and everything to do with how our women are living it.

“Carla has shown up in our business and our marriage powerfully because she took me out of the equation.”

Topic #3

Finding Yourself

  • My life has transformed my business; there has been a shift in our legacy. She said with or without you; I know where I am going. Life changes when there are no parameters or limits what you can do as individuals. She found herself, and AZ found himself. They had to end their old relationship for everything that it was. They started again, together in a new life together.
  • Are you are a woman, holding yourself to the limit of how far your husband will let you grow? Do your children see a strong Mom or a woman just there to serve her man? Carla is an independent, strong woman that AZ adores. When she took a stand for herself; she became more attractive to AZ.
  • Visit the website and check out the information video. Find your voice and live your life without the limitations put on you by your spouse.


“My life has transformed my business; there has been a shift in our family’s legacy.”


Closing Thoughts

  • There is a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs to provide; we are so exhausted our spouses get the worst of us at the end of the day. We gave all of our best from 9 to 5, and our family gets what is leftover.
  • Why are we sugar coating anything when need to go in and demand what we want. Having those hard conversations is hard, but so is divorce. Carla will tell you to find your backbone, your power, your purpose; enough is enough, find your voice.
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