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In this episode of Do The Work, AZ and Carla are in the studio discussing Trolling. A recent run-in with an internet troll has given Carla the ability to exercise her power and show that you shouldn’t mess with a strong woman. If you are obsessed with bringing others down, expending all of your energy on negativity, you risk running into that individual who will stop you in your tracks. Focus your time and effort on fixing your insecurities and issues, and keep your fucking opinions to yourself. Don’t give others the satisfaction of drawing you down to their level. Stop suppressing, delaying and looking for acceptance. Steamroll that shit and move forward.

Topic #1

Controlling Man-Troll

  • Carla talks about how she was teased growing up. She has had Trolls following her whole life. As an adult every time Carla tried to assert herself in her position, or move forward in her video’s, she would have anxiety about the negativity that would be put out towards her. She has had an Internet Troll she has let voice his opinion for a while now; he has had a lot to say. It has fired her up because people like him shut people down; they control you.
  • When a male comes into a relationship with damaging words that steal your power, it brings you down from who you would typically be. If a man could go on to her video’s, the free content she is offering, she could only imagine what he is doing to whomever he has under his control in his personal life. He is coming after Carla, which was a mistake, because she is a powerful, successful woman, that he doesn’t even know.
  • AZ is amazed at Carla’s power and control, and that she is taking a stand for women everywhere that are being suppressed by negativity. Carla can’t take his opinion as personal, that is his opinion. But in that, she has the same right to tell you to fuck off. Your opinion is just that; yours. This guy came looking for Carla, so if you don’t like what she is sharing, then move on. Don’t shut down because of these people and their opinions.
  • This guy has nothing going on. If he were a top player, he wouldn’t have time to comment on her content which is naturally triggering him. Carla is concerned about women who are being controlled by guys like this. They should be telling them to go fuck themselves. When you try to grow your business, step out of your comfort zone, trolls will come out of the woodwork. Don’t let the trolls bring you down; use them as content to fuel forward those who are interested in moving up, and not falling into this trap of discontent.

“I am concerned about women who are being controlled by guys like this. You should be telling them to go fuck themselves.”- Carla

Topic #2   

Steam Roll the Troll

  • In the past, Carla would be affected by the trolls because of her insecurities, doubts, and fear. As individuals, if we are not confident and consistent in our family and our business, we can’t get things done. We need to be mindful of how we operate in our lives. People come at you when they are down in their environment, and they want to bring you to where they are.
  • Carla used to look to AZ to how to deal with these problems. Once you are in your power, you don’t need permission to stand your ground and handle it. You aren’t all in on your power if you aren’t ready to exercise it immediately.
  • Having the courage to stand up to the individuals, playing nice and taking a stand for yourself are two separate things. If you aren’t standing up for yourself, you are suppressing and delaying and trying to look for acceptance. If you decide to ignore it and go around the obstacle, sometimes you have to steamroll it, and that is okay. You need to take a stand, and the trolls will go to the wayside and maybe think twice next time.
  • It takes one person to take a stand, which sets the precedence and the tone. Looking back for Carl to how she used to be, that will never happen again, and she will use it as content.

“You need to take a stand and trolls will go to the wayside and maybe thing twice next time.” – AZ

Topic #3

Stay in Your Lane

  • When somebody comes at you whatever the medium they choose to use, they think that you are playing at your level; when they don’t have a fucking clue what you have overcome. The reality is you are operating at a higher standard because you took the courage to move forward.
  • Trolls are frustrated with their lives. But how are they showing up in their own lives and treating the people who are involved with them? Don’t let someone who does this to people they don’t know, the ones that spread their hate, treat you the same. You do you, and keep moving forward. Don’t let them stop you or tear you down.
  • You need to be secure in who you are and what you do. Don’t let the trolls steal your power. If you are a woman who is so insecure you are using your man to bring down a successful woman to lift you up; work on yourself, stop pointing fingers, stop the girl on girl crime.

“Don’t let someone who does this to people they don’t know, treat you the same. You do you, and keep moving forward.”- Carla

Closing Thoughts

  • Trolls give you content. Don’t let others thoughts and remarks control you. Stay in your lane and let them stay in theirs; Handle it and move on. Get out there and find what you’re made of and don’t use it as a crutch or excuse to stay where you are. Dominate your lives, and don’t let others dominate it for you.
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