12 Steps of Empowerment


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In this episode of Do the Work, when a married couple that catches Carla’s eye while shopping, reminds her of how far she has come in her relationship with AZ, the couple were taken back to a time when Carla was not empowered. As she readies for her event coming up next month, AZ encourages all women to take that step to propel their lives forward. Carla being all in, every day, is what pushes AZ in all areas of his life to keep moving upward. Don’t wait for your spouse’s approval or permission to be who you want to be; it only leads to eventual destruction of your relationship. Men when your wife gets empowered, you better step up because she will rise with or without you.

Topic #1

You Don’t Own Me

  • AZ was hoping to interview Carla for her event coming up until Carla was reminded of a time that she wasn’t letting AZ “Own” her. You don’t know what goes on in marriage until you run into it. Carla witnessed a couple while out shopping that started out holding hands and as the shopping trip progressed their demeanor changed. The man began to assert himself more and more as the wife shopped; remarking negatively but wanting his way. AZ agrees that we give up power over the little things, but manipulate the situation to go our way.
  • Carla became frustrated with the man when he wouldn’t let his wife buy a dreamcatcher. She got to the car and was reminded of how AZ used to be in their marriage. Waiting for a spouse’s approval or asking for permission happens over time, then the woman because so unhappy, the man is unable to make her happy. All of those little deposits of suppression over the years, build up and cause the eventual destruction of the relationship.

“I got to the car and was reminded of how AZ used to be in our marriage. I divorced that man.”- Carla

Topic #2   

And Then She Snaps

  • Men don’t communicate a lot of the time with their wives because they aren’t aware of any problems until their wife snaps. The conversations don’t happen in the relationship until it is at a point of anger. Women allow this to happen from the very beginning because they suppress how they feel out of fear of rocking the boat. You need to make yourself happy and be you.
  • There are 12 lessons that Carla has learned over the years; it took reps every single fucking day to get where she is. She is passionate about her life and how she feels; being a voice for someone who can’t speak for themselves. The life lessons that Carla has learned over the years is how she lives every day. She lives life her way, and she knows who she is and not hidden or in fear. AZ wasn’t intentionally suppressing Carla in the past; it was just something that happened over time because he was never stopped.

“I wasn’t intentionally suppressing Carla before, it just happened because I was allowed to do it. ” – AZ

Closing Thoughts

  • Go to www.dothework.com\womensevent and get all of the information about Carla’s upcoming event. It is open to all women, from all walks of life. It will be very hardcore and personal, and an in your face event. She wants to share the steps that it took for her to get where she is. It wasn’t an easy journey, but she was all in and has come out the other side empowered.
  • AZ didn’t appreciate all that Carla did for him and their kids in the past, but now he is intrigued by her and all she has accomplished. When Carla realized that it wasn’t all about AZ and she was moving forward, propelling ahead with or without him; it was a game changer because they started working on themselves so they could be better together. Carla rose, and it forced AZ to rise; when your wife gets empowered you better step up as men.
  • AZ is pushing the envelope in all areas of his life because Carla continues to propel him forward. Go to www.dothework.com and get more information about AZ and Carla and subscribe, rate and review this podcast.
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