Shine Your Light

In this episode of Do the Work, Carla talks about presenting yourself and how shining your light can greatly impact your business. She shares examples of people she has met who have great potential to become more, but are limiting themselves in the way they present themselves.

Wait Until Reality Hits

Follow along today as Carla wants about a rather upsetting experience with a man who claimed that Carla should just “wait until reality hits!” Carla talks about the people who try to breakdown your motivation and how you can overcome it.

Pet Names

Follow along today as Carla and AZ take each other on to see who is going to take back the studio! Actually, they really talk about pet names in business relationships and transactions. Are they appropriate? Are they degrading in nature? Carla and AZ give you their perspective on the topic!

The Power to Take a Stand

You have to fight to become the powerful women that you long to be. In today’s episode of Do the Work, Carla talks about losing friendships, and family members because she decided to take a stand for herself. She wanted to be the women that had a backbone and voice in this world. She now empowers other women to do the same thing. Follow along in this powerful episode where Carla speaks from her heart.  

Big Girl Panties

Sometimes in life, you just have to roll with the punches. In today’s episode of Do the Work, Carla talks about putting your big girl panties on. For the men out there she says, “step up and be the man”. Carla shares a story of a man who disempowered his wife right in front of her, and how it created a trigger inside of her. She encourages men to stop taking your girl’s power away by questioning her all the time.

Try Shutting Me Up

In this episode of Do the Work, for years AZ and Carla struggled with the roles they held in their relationship. Until you are honest and understand, trust and respect your partner in their role, you will never be on the same page. Marriages can suffer when you are both holding each other back, and not having your spouses back. Define the roles in your marriage and then communicate what that is; life and business will become a lot easier when the battle for the Gate is in the hands of the Gatekeeper, and the Leader takes the helm.

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