Welcome to the DO THE WORK podcast. Each week we will bring you the foundational principles needed to navigate through the obstacles and opportunities of life.

Don’t Weaken Yourself to Make Others Feel Stronger

In this episode of Do the Work, AZ and Carla discuss the people who trigger us by saying things we already know. Coming down to a level to make others comfortable isn’t where you need to be. It’s time to have some crucial conversations and take that one step closer to owning who you are.

In This Week’s Podcast…Be Your Truth

In this episode of Do the Work, the couple discusses how it’s “Not what you say, it’s what you do.” You can pull a fast one on the rest of the world, but not with your kids. Being consistent with your attitude is not just important in business but in all areas of your life. It’s not just your words it’s your actions.

In Today’s Podcast…Taking Care of Business

In this episode of Do the Work with AZ and Carla, the couple work through an argument that happened earlier in the day. Having to put it all aside to take care of a business engagement can be tough, but necessary. When shutting down is no longer an option, they take it to the airways as a teachable moment, for everyone.

In Today’s Podcast…Weak Women

In this episode of Do the Work, Carla opens up about how weak women piss her off. Waiting for your life to start because you need the approval or permission from your spouse, only drives your relationship deeper down a path of destruction. Loving yourself enough first is mandatory to empowering every other aspect of your life. It’s time to rise up and show up.

Are You Your Brand

In this episode of Do the Work, Carla is fresh from a Justin Timberlake concert and hyped up on coffee and adrenaline. Her nature has always been to be loud, but AZ shares how at certain points in her life, her loudness became something she was branded as, not as what makes her the unique person she is.

When Anxiety Empowers

In this episode of Do the Work with AZ and Carla, the couple spends some time discussing and sharing the experiences they had when anxiety and depression were at its height for Carla. Making sure you are not looking back or ahead but right where you are is the first step. Be anxious for nothing the good book says, and so does the voice that rules her now.

A Journey of A Million Steps

In this episode of Do the Work with AZ and Carla, the couple share how working through an enormous business loss taught them a lot about who they were as individuals and the roles that ensued. People may want what they have but they don’t realize the trials, tribulations and sacrifice it took to reach their level of success. It’s only fun and games until someone gets their ass tattooed.

Put Me in Coach

In this episode of Do the Work with AZ and Carla, the couple is joined in the studio by Coach Isaiah. The trio discusses how people tend to want what success brings, without doing the footwork. Also, the importance of finding the right Coach will make or break your game. Don’t be left on the sidelines, tune in now.

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