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Hyatt Regency Phoenix
122 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Women In Business
  • For those who feel like they are being "owned" by their business.
  •  If you are trying to find your own voice.
  •   You are not a "bitch" but a "powerful woman".
Single & Divorced Women
  •  Are you feeling judged for where you are in life? 
  •  Learn how to find certainty & power no matter what stage of life you are in. 
  •  Be confident in the way you are living. 
  •  You put in 120% into your family, what about you? 
  •  Feeling like you have lost your identity? 
  • Learn to keep moving on your goals and what you want in life. 
About Carla
Carla Araujo is the President of A.Z. & Associates LLC and co-founder of Do The Work® Coaching and Consulting. 

Carla has been an entrepreneur and small business owner for 15 years. She has been married for 14 years and a mother of two. She gained national notoriety as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and Inc Magazine's Fastest Growing Companies. 

Carla has been able to turn around a failing marriage, win the battle of anxiety and depression, overcome the remnants of childhood mental and physical abuse, and building an 8 figure business. 

Her life experiences have fueled her ambitions to spread her knowledge and lessons learned with other powerful women across the country. 

Her passion is not to simply motivate  women, but to dig deep and discover why they continue to sabotage their growth. 

Her objective is not to simply motivate and tell you that everything is ok. 

Rather, Carla's objectives are to share her strategies on how to face those dark moments and experiences that continue to haunt and destroy confidence, impede growth in business, and sour relationships. 
"Enough is enough. Find your voice."
A Letter From Carla Araujo to YOU
The tools, concepts, lessons, and action plans that I discuss at this event will have only one objective - BUILD YOUR BACKBONE. 

I realize every situation that used to hinder the progression and happiness in my life has now become the fuel for me to live a life on fire. 

You must feel your pain... 

you must forgive yourself and others,..

and you must reclaim your voice. 

The purpose of this event is not for you to garner any more sympathizers.

It is not a place for you to hear a RAH RAH speech that will dwindle as soon as you get back to reality. 

This will not be a place where you pretend everything is ok.

There will be no posturing, there will be no lying. 

You will not be able to hide behind your lipstick, dress, and heels. 

This is about reclaiming your life as a Powerful Fucking Woman. 


Who or what is holding you down?

Why are you allowing it to happen?

Who would you be if you were free from these stories?

I stopped asking myself… and I simply starting doing it for myself. 


Join me on November 9th & 10th and reclaim your voice.
Part 1
Do you wake up feeling like you have to be perfect?

Do you feel like you are holding on for dear life because you are afraid of messing up? 

I did. 

I held back all of my feelings inside. 

I had no voice. 

I had no idea who the fuck I was. 

"I could not believe the woman I had become."
Part 2
As women in business, we have to be perfect when we are closing a business deal. 

We have to wear all types of masks at work, with family, as a mom, or with friends to cater to others. 

We're given permission to be powerful, but don't get too powerful, otherwise we are simply seen as bitches. 

"Stay-at-home-moms" you have to watch yourself. You have to be perfect... your husband pays the bills. 


Part 3
Aren't you tired of not having a backbone? 

Aren't you exhausted from wearing so many masks? 

We live in a man's world but it does not have to be that way! We can voice our thoughts and opinions without the fear of feeling like a bitch. 
You are not crazy for feeling this way. 
You are not confused. 
You are not lost. 
You just allow them to make you feel that way. 
Part 4
What if things can change today?

What if you can become the woman you've always known you were... today?

What is the cost of not doing anything about it?

This is your path. 

Find Your Voice. 

Topics covered: 
Processing The Pain
Taking Off Your Mask
Building Your Backbone 
Living a Life "On Fire"

This will truly be a life changing experience. 
Event Agenda
VIP Registration

5pm - 9pm: 
VIP Up Close & Personal with Carla. 
Registration Opens

Do The Work® Find Your Voice Begins

Where are you at now? 
Processing The Pain 


What do you want? 
Taking Off The Masks

Why do you want it? 
Building Your Backbone

How are you going to get there? 
Living a "Life on Fire" Find Your Voice
To Women In Business
Whose Holding You Back?
Owned By Stress
It's Hard to Be a Mom
Afraid of What Others May Think
Feel What you Need to Feel
Frequently Asked Questions
What is "Find Your Voice?"
Find Your Voice is a woman's only conference hosted by DO THE WORK® and presented by Carla Araujo. The event is to empower women from all walks of life, to take the step forward they know they need to take. 
Who should attend? 
Women in business, stay-at-home moms, single moms, divorced women, or any women looking to make a radical change in their life. 
Can I bring a guest?
Yes! You can add a guest with the purchase of either tickets for only $95 and you can add up to 3 guests. This offer ends October 1st. 
Can a bring my family? 
This event actually makes a great family vacation if you spend time before or after the event with them in Phoenix. The weather is perfect this time of year. Your family is not allowed into the event, but they are welcome to roll with you to the hotel.
Is there an age limit? 
Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and have their own ticket.
Where is the venue?
The venue is being held in downtown Phoenix at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. 
When is it? 
November 9th and 10th for VIP's ticket holders and November 10th for General Ticket holders. 
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